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Home appliances have a life, how long can you use your appliances?


Appliances, each family has a lot of consumers based on the principle of frugality, handling of household electrical appliances in line with "no problems will continue to use", "broken again, really can't repaired to replace" principle, but I do not know each electric equipment has its own use fixed number of year, once extended use, can appear components insulation aging, expanding scale, corrosion area, great safety hidden trouble.
The refrigerator
The national standard of safe use life of refrigerator is 10 years. The over-period use of refrigeration effect and electrical insulation will decline, which will not only affect the freshness of food materials, but also bring the risk of electric shock. If the refrigerator is running too loudly, the fuselage is shaking, and the power consumption increases, it means your refrigerator needs to be replaced.
The national standard for safe use of refrigerators is 12 years. When installing air conditioning, had better be in shade face, ventilated place, avoid sunshine point-blank. In daily use, be careful not to switch the air conditioner frequently, because the compressor starts with a high current, frequent switch is easy to burn out the motor. If air conditioning dust is much, draught is blocked, heat dissipation is slower, the service life of possible air conditioning will be to or already exceeded the service life.
The national standard for the safe use of refrigerators is 12 years, beyond which the aging of the internal parts may lead to leakage, leakage of electricity, heating of the body, and even fire. Especially in hot weather, long time use will increase the possibility of spontaneous combustion.
The TV
The average lifespan of a TV set is 8 to 10 years. The size of flat panel TV is positively correlated with power and heat output. Therefore, in order to increase the service life of the TV set, it should be placed in a dry and ventilated environment. If the picture of the television picture tube is not clear and the picture trembles, it indicates that the relevant components are aging and the radiation increases. In case of collision or sudden cold and heat, explosion may be caused.
The safe life of electric water heater is 6 years. The water heater that exceeds service life, heating tube surface is easy to produce scale, heat sends out efficiency to drop, increase power consumption, also can bring about heating tube surface burst damage, increase the risk of electric shock.
The household appliances beyond the service life will bring great safety hidden danger, but many consumers are not clear about the use life of household appliances, and the safety accidents caused by the old household appliances are often mistaken for quality problems. Therefore, consumers should strengthen their own consumption knowledge and safety awareness, and update consumption concepts; An enterprise shall proactively indicate the years of safe use on its products and perform the duty of notification. The government should also strengthen publicity and guidance to help the whole society establish a correct and reasonable concept of consumption.